Ascox Tech Vacuum Degas Kit

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Ascox Tech Vacuum Degas Kit

Our heavy-duty vacuum chamber is perfect for removing gases from compounds which have become entrapped in the mixture when mixing components. Vacuum chambers are required to assure a bubble-free mold when mixing resin and silicone rubbers and slower setting resins. Our vacuum chamber greatly reduces gas bubbles and pockets that would weaken the epoxy or silicone. Clear lid allows for you to see air being vacuumed out of your resin mix. Built-in valve and gauge provide ease of use and convenience. Included vacuum pump makes this kit ready to use out of the box. This vacuum chamber is perfect for degassing urethanes, silicones, epoxy resin, solvents and more!

Available in 2 different sizes

Package Includes:
· 1 x Vacuum Chamber
· 1 x Vacuum Pump
· 1 x Acrylic Lid
· 1 x Heat Treated Silicone Lid Gasket
· 1 x Glycerin Filled Gauge with Brass Fittings
· 1 x 50 Micron Air Filter
· 1 x 5 Foot Steel Wire Collapse-Proof Hose

NOTE: pump oil not included

Oversize item, additional shipping costs apply.

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