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ATB Santa Claus-Set Style 2, Yak Hair

ATB Santa Claus-Set Style 2, Yak Hair

Brand  Atelier Bassi
Product Sheet  PDF

Set contains:

Wig, with hard front, wefted with crown + fringe handtied, prestyled, curled, hair length: 9.8inch/25cm, fringe lenght: 5.1inch/13cm; Headsize 23.2inch/59cm

Beard, 100% wefted, hairline underknotted, prestyled, curled, hair length: 11.8inch/30cm, on a lace panel - makes beard length is 19.7inch/50cm, wave: 0.3inch/8mm

Moustache, on theatre Lace, prestyled

Eyebrows, on theatre lace, prestyled

Other hair qualities and colors are available upon request with a surcharge.

ART. 500.30.SC2S.60W
CHF 577.40   (incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT)

≈ 523.34 €
≈ 626.11 $
According to today's exchange rate. Without engagement.

Time for delivery: 3 - 4 Weeks