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EBA SILABOND - Silicone Based Adhesive

EBA SILABOND - Silicone Based Adhesive

Brand  European Body Art
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Silabond is a silicone based pressure sensitive (PS) adhesive designed to provide superior hold and performance under any conditions. It works especially well with silicone appliances, hair, foam, latex, plastic and rubber. Silabond silicone prosthetic adhesive is nearly odorless making application comfortable for both the makeup artist and model/actor.

Our exclusive formula uses only FDA approved ingredients and is completely free of ethyl acetate, heptane or skin irritants.

Silabond uses the fastest evaporating solvents approved for skin use yet it provides enough time to position the appliance in place.

Silabond is the favorite silicone prosthetic adhesive of Howard Berger and pro makeup artists in the film and TV industry.

ART. 215.79.SB-02
CHF 61.30   (incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT)

≈ 55.56 €
≈ 66.47 $
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