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DA VINCI Brush-Set with 10 brushes

DA VINCI Brush-Set with 10 brushes

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This high-class brush set for professionals holds the most popular brushes nicely stored and anytime ready to use. Thanks to the lockable purse, the brush hair is perfectly protected when on the road. The purse has a leather outside and a synthetic leather inside which is easy to clean.

Cosmetic Brush- large set 48300 from the -PROFESSIONAL- line
from da Vinci
exclusive brush set, large, PROFESSIONAL- for daily make-up
contains the basic equipment of the most important series
The cases are made of genuine nappa leather, the inside is, for better cleaning, made of black synthetic leather

The case consists of:
Make-up Brush, Cat Tongue Facon, Russian Red Sable Hair Series 9620 Gr.6
Make-up Brush, Cat Tongue Facon, Russian Red Marten Hair Series 9620 Gr.10
Blush brush / Shading brush dull, brown mountain goat series 97230
Powder brush oval, brown mountain goat series 93230
Foundation Brush fine synthetic fibers Series 9650 Gr.2
Concealer Fine Synthetic Fiber Series 9680 Gr.8
Eyebrow brush oblique, strong synthetic fibers Series 43530 Gr.8
Liner slanted, fine synthetic fibers series 43730 size 4
Blender small, round, squirrel hair series 41930
Eyelash Brush, Series 36730

ART. 155.43.48300
CHF 274.20   (incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT)

≈ 254.55 €
≈ 309.34 $
According to today's exchange rate. Without engagement.

Time for delivery: 2 - 3 Days