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PPI Tatoo Classic Pot

PPI Tatoo Classic Pot

Brand  Premiere Products Inc.
Product Sheet  PDF

Recreate any genre of tattoo using the classic aged black and green colors of the past. From the old, faded, hand-made style to modern recreations of tribal bands to historical designs, Tattoo Classics can easily produce the aged effect you desire. The only variable is your application technique. Make it look modern, make it look classic, make it look like it`s been there forever! You must use 99% alcohol to activate the color pigment. 0.34oz

ART. 220.39.SITC
CHF 39.60   (incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT)

≈ 35.19 €
≈ 39.31 $
According to today's exchange rate. Without engagement.

Time for delivery: 2 - 3 days