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PPI Glazing Gel

PPI Glazing Gel

Brand  Premiere Products Inc.
Product Sheet  PDF

A collection of water based transparent colors which allow you to do bruise and injury work directly onto the skin. Designed for extreme close-up work, Glazing Gels wear exceptionally well for the demands of HD film and television work. From subtle to over the top, Glazing Gels allow you to create realistic sunburn, freckles, shadows and illnesses that look like they’re ‘in’ the skin, not ‘on’ the skin. 1oz

ART. 220.39.SIG.B-B
CHF 18.75   (incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT)

≈ 16.54 €
≈ 18.78 $
According to today's exchange rate. Without engagement.

Time for delivery: 2 - 3 days