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TIGA-D Bald Cap Latex Rubber (Standard Color)

TIGA-D Bald Cap Latex Rubber (Standard Color)

Brand  TIGA-D
Product Sheet  PDF

Made of high-quality latex. Very elastic. Edges can not be dissolved, but covered with eyelash glue or liquid latex. May not be colored with cream makeup, as any type of Vaseline products could corrode the latex, except if the bald cap has been fully sealed with castor sealer beforehand. Whereas cake make-up, water make-up, alcative colors and mask cover make-up are possible to use. In standard color: Light Skin

ART. 415.32.LR-BCS-L
CHF 10.70   (incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT)

≈ 9.52 €
≈ 10.78 $
According to today's exchange rate. Without engagement.

Time for delivery: 2 - 3 days