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BEN NYE Liquid Hair Color Snow White

BEN NYE Liquid Hair Color Snow White

Brand  Ben Nye
Product Sheet  PDF

Use to age dark brown or black hair. Streak into Silver Grey to brighten highlights. Excellent for Santa`s beard and brows.Natural appearing hair colors vital to completing a performer`s total look. Unlike sprays, which can be stiff once dry, liquid colors can easily be managed after application. They contain a setting agent to keep them from flaking. Avoid usage on chemically treated hair. Washable. 2oz /59ml

ART. 550.37.HW-2
CHF 8.00   (incl. 7.7% Swiss VAT)

≈ 7.07 €
≈ 8.05 $
According to today's exchange rate. Without engagement.

Time for delivery: 2 - 3 days