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To a hair right where he wants to be: At the crown of the world


Whether it is wigs, beards or sometimes even pubic hair, make-up products or torn legs: You get all that from Orlando Bassi and much more. It all began in the quiet village of Buchs/Switzerland and now goes from Bali into the whole world – an exceptional career. (Article in German)

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the brander
Orlando Bassi – The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up


Initially, Orlando Bassi settled down on the island of Bali to set up a business in wig making. His hand-made hairpieces – and occasionally outrageous wigs – are sold all over the globe and frequently destined to decorate famous heads.

The Balinese wig makers supplying Hollywood


Step inside the everyday life of workers at a wig maker in Bali, Indonesia, with the pictures of this gallery.

article z magazine
Haare für Hollywood

Z – Die schönen Seiten (Supplement of NZZ and NZZamSonntag)

Atelier Bassi manufactures wigs for shows, movies and British barristers. They are all handmade and produced in Bali. [Article in German]

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article mm magazine
Ein Star in Sachen Haar


Orlando Bassi’s hair pieces and wigs are used on Broadway as well as in Hollywood productions. They are produced in a factory in Bali, where the Swiss entrepreneur has been living for over ten years. [Article in German]

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Il Parruccaio Magico

Buongiorno Bali

The magical world of fairy tales always had fascinated children. Some just managed to stay in this strange surreal dimension beyond their infancy, and even built a career that allows them never to leave this world anymore. One of them is Swiss man Orlando Bassi. [Article in Italian]

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article swiss magazine
A man of many skills

SWISS Magazine

Orlando Bassi is a hairdresser. But his story sounds truly exotic, even quite incredible. In fact, it is more like a wonderful fairy tale of eternal childhood than an ordinary story.

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article jakarta post
From Bali to Broadway and beyond

Jakarta Post

Oscar-winning actors, a 10-meter scorpion, body hair for life-sized dolls, England’s judges and barristers and the odd dead or dying body have one thing in common – their wigs or wounds were all created in a hamlet in a hidden jungle valley in Bali’s hinterland.

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article w&O
Kein „schnell, schnell“ auf Bali


In 2003 make-up artist Orlando Bassi emigrated from Switzerland to Bali. Today he is an entrepreneur and can call six companies his own. [Article in German]

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From Balinese hands to Hollywood heads

Jakarta Post Online

A small, hidden village near Ubud is not where you’d expect to find a shining slice of Hollywood glamour. But in Abuan, Bangli, a 30-minute drive from Ubud, Orlando Bassi is making wigs for the entertainment world.